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The electronic music, art, and writing of Dylan Tauber

Dylan Tauber has produced 19 ​transcendental electronic music albums via his independent label, Son of Waves Studios, beginning with the Double Mirrors Soundtrack in 1996 inspired by dolphins, whales, and his experiences in Israel. Dylan's music combines ambient soundscapes, trance electronica, and world music influences. His music combines technical skill with intense emotional content to provide a singular sonic experience that is mesmerizing and enchanting. Dylan's music frequently combines beautiful vocal harmonies, intricate rhythms, and expansive soundscapes to produce unique electronica that is both calming and inspiring.


In 1999, Tauber released his second multi-media project with Son of Waves Studios, The Doorway, which includes a book and soundtrack. The Doorway is a dark, apocalyptic journey addressing the destructive role of doctors and drugs in society.

In 2003, Dylan recorded The Healing with similar themes, but to a more upbeat narrative.

In 2005, Dylan moved to a kibbutz in Northern Israel and recorded the album Aliyah about his journey to Israel.

In 2006, Dylan recorded Ones and Zeros, an electronica soundtrack to accompany his Ones and Zeros Theory, first published on in 2000.
Also in 2006, Dylan released a 
compilation CD called “Ben Galim” which means “Son of Waves” in Hebrew. This CD was released in Israel only, including Dylan’s best songs from 1996-2006 (first 10 years).


Dylan's seventh album is Breathe, recorded with two singers, Dege and Sarah in 2007. Breathe is a relaxing ambient soundscape with beautiful and soul lifting vocals.
In 2015, Dylan completed an eighth album titled 
Near Death Experience, together with the soaring vocals of Jennifer and Karmen Novko.


Also in 2015, Dylan produced a 9th album titled “Dolphin Trance”. In 2016, Dylan completed a new 10th album, “Dolphin Trance 2”, with the vocals of Enlia, and an 11nth album, which is a compilation of all his best songs from 2006- 2016 (the second ten year period of Dylan Tauber’s career). This new project is entirely electronic music with vocals.


In October, 2017, Tauber released a new 12th album, "Sounds from Space", featuring ambient soundscapes, and the vocals of Enlia and Francessca Belisario. A single from this album, "He Loves Carmen Remix (Radio Edit)", was released in July, 2017. The original version of this track "Carmen Song," has reached 30,000 plays on Soundcloud, as of January 2019. 

Dylan’s music has been featured on over 120 
radio stations since 2013, reviewed in approximately 100 music publications, and his music video "He Loves Carmen Remix (Radio Edit)" was shown on Channel 98 TV in Israel in December, 2017. This video reached 323,000 views on Facebook as of February 2020. 11 more Son of Waves Studios music videos were shown on channel 98 TV in Israel, in 2018. Dylan Tauber has been featured on since December 2012, with 5,338 fans as of February 2020.

In July, 2021, Dylan released his 13th electronic music album, “
Sounds from Space 2”. This album has received positive reviews in 16 music publications, and aired on 25 radio stations as of January, 2022.

In April, 2022, Dylan completed his 14th album, "He Loves Carmen", inspired by his girlfriend Carmen. Several tracks from this album have already been played on Saipan Radio 100.3 KWAW, and several good reviews have already been published.

In August, 2022, Dylan released his 15th album "The Lagoon", inspired by a turquoise lagoon he encountered on a remote island in the south western Pacific. It is a trance electronica album featuring the vocals of ​Anastasia Derkach and Mona Roselianne, with many positive reviews.

In February 2023, Dylan released his 16th transcendental electronica album "
I Am Alive", and his 17th alum "Sea People" in August 2023.

On January 1, 2024, Dylan released his 18th album "Dolphin Waves".

In April, 2024, Dylan released his 19th album "Dolphin Waves 2".

Although his music is available for sale on Amazon, and Apple Music, Dylan chose to provide free MP3 downloads of most of his albums on

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